EchoLink SK2AZ-R, Piteå

PARK har en Echolink node kopplad mot Ru0 och Polcirkellänken.
Nedan är en lista över tillgängliga kommandon för styrning.

Function DTMF Command
Status DD 8
Play Info DD *
Connect by noder DD number
Connect by call DD C call #
Disconnect last DD #
Disconnect all DD ##
Reconnect last DD 9
Query by node DD 6 number
Query by call DD 7 call #
Connect random node              DD 0
Connect random link  DD 1
Connect random conferens DD 2
Connect random user DD 3
Connect random favo node DD 01
Connect random favo link  DD 11
Connect random favo user DD 31

To enter a call, press two digits for each letter and number in the callsign.
The first digit is the key on which the letter appears, using 1 for Q and Z.
The second digit is 1, 2, or 3, to indicate which letter is being entered.
To enter a digit, press the digit followed by 0.
When finished, end with the pound key (#).

For example, the letter "K" is entered as "52", the letter "Q" is entered as "11", and the digit "7" is entered as "70".



SK2AZ - den “lilla” klubben med de stora möjligheterna.......

Piteå Amatör Radio Klubb.